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A marriage officiant is a person with the legal authority to perform marriages.

Alberta offers two kinds of marriage officiants - religious officiants and civil marriage commissioners. Religious and civil ceremonies are both legal marriages in Alberta. There are no legal differences between getting married by a religious officiant or a marriage commissioner.

  • Religious ceremonies are performed by a religious representative or clergy person registered with Vital Statistics.
  • Civil marriages are performed by marriage commissioners appointed by the Alberta government to perform civil ceremonies for the community and area in which they reside.

Religious Officiant

  • As there are over 10,000 religious officiants registered in Alberta, a public list is not available.
  • To find an authorized religious officiant, contact the applicable church or religious organization.
  • To confirm if a religious officiant is authorized to perform marriages in Alberta, please contact Vital Statistics.

Marriage Commissioner

  • Use the Marriage Commissioner search below to locate a marriage commissioner in your area.
  • The search allows you to search for a commissioner by: the officiant's name, the municipality where the marriage will take place or within a radius of the postal code where the marriage will take place.
  • Many marriage commissioners have their own websites you can search online.
  • For a full listing of all marriage commissioners in Alberta, click the Search button without search criteria.


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