Register a Birth

Register a Birth

All births that occur in Alberta must be registered with the Alberta government.

The birth mother and father/co-parent are responsible for completing a Registration of Birth form.

After a birth is registered, you can order birth documents from a registry agent or Registry Connect depending on your location.

All the information on a birth certificate is extracted from the birth record after the birth has been registered.  

The following apply:

  • the birth mother must sign the Registration of Birth form
  • to record the father/co-parent on a child’s birth record, both parents must sign the Registration of Birth form
  • when the father/co-parent does not sign the Registration of Birth, they will not be recorded on the child’s birth record
  • a father/co-parent may be added to a birth record later with an amendment

You have options when choosing a last name for your newborn. Some restrictions apply. 

Hospital or registered midwife birth

Your hospital or registered midwife will give you a Registration of Birth form to complete. They will send the form to Vital Statistics for registration within 10 days of the birth.

Home birth without a registered midwife

When a registered midwife or physician isn’t involved with the birth of a child at home, the following outlines the process required to register a child’s birth in Alberta.

1. Get a Request for a Home Birth Package

After the child is born, the parents must complete a Request for a Home Birth Package form. The parents may either

2. Complete and send in the Request for a Home Birth Package form

The mother

  • complete and sign the Request for a Home Birth Package form.
  • mail or fax the Request for a Home Birth Package form to Vital Statistics using the contact information at the bottom of the form.

Vital Statistics will then send the parents details regarding the proof of birth that must be submitted.

3. Gather the required evidence

Evidence of the baby’s birth is required.
  • The easiest and most common form of acceptable evidence is a letter from a hospital/medical facility visited within 24 hours of the baby’s birth. 
  • The letter must be on hospital/medical facility letterhead and have the following information:
    • mother's full name 
    • baby’s name (if known by the facility) 
    • baby’s sex 
    • baby’s date of birth 
    • baby’s place of birth 
    • date the mother and baby were examined at the hospital/medical facility 
    • name of the physician or nurse who examined the mother and baby 
    • confirmed the mother delivered the newborn baby
    • name and contact information of the person who wrote the letter  
    • signature of the hospital administrator, physician or nurse
  • When the mother and baby are not examined at a hospital/medical facility within 24 hours of the birth, affidavits and other evidence are required. Contact Vital Statistics for details.

4. Send the evidence to Vital Statistics

  • The parents send the supporting evidence to Vital Statistics in a pre-addressed postage paid envelope. This envelope is provided to the parents in the home birth package. 

5. Parents complete birth forms

  • Once Vital Statistics examines the evidence documents and when all the requirements are met, Vital Statistics will send the parents
    • a Registration of Birth
      • This form is completed and signed by the parents.
      • If a father/co-parent is to be included on the child’s birth record, they must also sign the Registration of Birth form.
      • If the father/co-parent doesn’t sign the Registration of Birth, he/she cannot be recorded.
      • A father/co-parent may be added later with an amendment.
    • a Notice of a Live Birth form
      • This form is completed and signed by the person who helps the mother with the delivery of her child.

6. Send in the birth forms

  • The parents send the Registration of Birth form and Notice of a Live Birth form to the Vital Statistics office using the pre-addressed postage paid envelope provided by Vital Statistics.
  • On receipt of the forms, Vital Statistics will examine the documents and if all requirements are met, may register the child’s birth.

    Delayed registration of birth

    When a birth isn’t registered within one year from the date of birth, there are additional requirements and a fee of $20 to register the birth. For information, contact Vital Statistics.

    Contact this service

    780-427-7013 (Edmonton)

    310-0000, then 780-427-7013 (toll-free)

    8:15 am - 4:30 pm (Monday to Friday, closed statutory holidays)

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