Foreign ownership of land

How it works

An overview of foreign ownership of land regulations and how to apply for an exemption.

Alberta's rich soil and picturesque recreation areas are 2 of the province's most valuable resources. To ensure that these resources continue to be owned and enjoyed by Albertans and other Canadians, the Agricultural and Recreational Land Ownership Act and regulations were passed.

This law is designed to monitor and control acquisition of prime agricultural and recreational land by non-Canadians. The regulations ensure private (controlled) land continues to exist primarily for Canadian citizens/corporations and permanent residents, while still encouraging economic investment. Joint business ventures between non-Canadian enterprises and Alberta companies have been and will continue to be encouraged.

Foreign Ownership of Land Administration reviews and approves or rejects land transactions involving controlled land sent to the Land Titles Office for registration to ensure compliance with the regulations. Most transactions are completed through the Land Titles Office, but applictions can be made for exemption from the regulations through an Order in Council.