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Choose a name

Read the rules for choosing a name for your child.

Last name options for a child

  • a child may have a last name the parents agree on.
  • a combined name is 2 last names joined with or without a space or hyphen (example: Jones Smith, JonesSmith or Jones-Smith). Never use a slash (/) or comma (,) to join last names.
  • both parents have to agree on the last name for their child.
  • if the parents cannot agree on the last name for their child, the last name of the child will be registered showing the last name of each parent hyphenated in alphabetical order.

Name rules

A name can use:

  • letters from the Roman alphabet (example: a, b, c or A, B, C)
  • Roman numerals (example: II, IV, XI)
  • numbers spelled out (example: third, seventh)
  • a period (.), an apostrophe (‘) and a hyphen (-)
  • a space to separate names (example: Brandon Owen)
  • a hyphen (-) to combine names (example: Mary-Anne)
  • a single letter (example: J. or J.B.)
    • a space and/or period following the letter(s) is optional
  • some titles (example: Sr., Senior, Jr., Junior, etc.)

A name can’t use:

  • a non-English alphabet (example: Arabic script or Kanji)
  • numbers (example: 1, 4, 16, 88)
  • brackets ( ) or quotations (“”)
  • slashes (/), commas (,) or hyphens (-) to separate names
  • titles that could be misleading (example: Doctor, Dr., Reverend, etc.)

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