Land Titles Procedures Manual - Table of Contents

It is important to note that up-dates to this manual will occur on an ongoing basis. These up-dates will be recorded in the "Recent Amendments Section"; last updates February 28, 2012. For tips on how to navigate within the manual, please see Helpful Hints (pdf); download Adobe Reader (external site) if necessary. The links on this page open as PDF files. 


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 ADD-1 Change of Address
 ADV-1 Adverse Possession Judgments
 AFF-1 Affidavits of Attestation
 AFF-2 Affidavits Sworn Outside of Alberta
 AGR-1 Agreements Pursuant to Sec 21(1) of the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act
 AGT-1 Adult Guardianship and Trusteeship Act
 ALT-1 Alterations to Documents
 ASB-1 Agricultural Service Board Orders
 BAN-1 Bankruptcy
 BUL-1 Builders’ Lien
 CAV-1 Caveats
 CAV-2 Removal of Caveats
 CAV-3 Registrar’s Caveats
 CAV-4 Caveats - Simultaneous Registration of an Instrument & Withdrawal of a Caveat


Caveats Registered Pursuant to Statutes of Alberta Other than the Land Titles Act

 CCE-1 Climate Change and Emissions Management Act 
 CDE-1 Instruments Registered Pursuant to the Condominium Property Act
 CEM-1 Transactions Involving Cemeteries
 CLP-1 Certificates of Lis Pendens
 CNS-1 Conservation Easement
 CON-1 Consolidation of Titles
 COR-1 Corporations - Acquisition and Disposition of Interests
 CRG-1 Crown Grants - Notification Under the Public Land Act and Letters Patent
 CRG-2 Crown Grants - Agreements Respecting the Use of Land
 CRG-3 Dealings with Provincial Crown Interests
 DDA-1 Drainage Districts
 DOW-1 Dower
 EAS-1 Easement / Encroachment / Party Wall Agreement
 ENV-1 Orders Under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act
 ERE-1 Environmental Reserve Easement
 ESO-1 Orders Under the Employment Standards Code
 EXP-1 Expropriation - Provincial
 EXP-2 Expropriation - Federal
 FOL-1 Foreign Ownership of Land
 FOR-1 Foreclosure Orders and Orders Confirming Sale
 FOR-2 Ownership of Land by a Foreign Country 
 FRA-1 Fraternal Organizations
 HEA-1 Notices Registered Pursuant to Sec 64 of the Public Health Act
 HRA-1 Historical Resources Act Registrations
 IDE-1 Confirmation of Identity
 IES-1 Order, Certificates and Agreements Under the Income and Employment Supports Act
 IRR-1 Irrigation Districts Formation Alteration etc.
 IRR-2 Irrigable Units
 IRR-3 Adjudication Under the Irrigation Act
 LEA-1 Leases
 LIF-1 Life Estates
 LIQ-1 Liquidators
 LNS-1 Liens Registered Pursuant to the Rural Utilities Act
 LNS-2 Liens Registered Pursuant to the Rural Electrification Acts
 MAI-1 Maintenance Orders and Agreements - Maintenance Enforcement Act, Domestic Relations Act and Parentage and Maintenance Act
 MEN-1 Mentally Incompetents - Dependent Adults Act Orders and Public Trustee Act Certificates of
 MER-1 Merger
 MIN-1 Property of Minors
 MOR-1 Mortgages, Debentures and Encumbrances
 MOR-2 Standard Form Mortgage
 NAM-1 Change of Name - Individuals
 NOT-1 Notifications Pursuant to the Public Works Act
 ORD-1 Court Orders - Certificate of No Appeal
 PER-1 Execution of Documents By Personal Representatives
 POA-1 Powers of Attorney
 POA-2 Powers of Attorney - Enduring
 POS-1 Postponements
 PPS-1 Personal Property Security Interests
 PUB-1 Orders Under the Public Utilities Board Act
 RDA-1 Restrictive Development Areas
 REC-1 Receivership Orders
 REL-1 Religious Societies
 RES-1 Restrictive Covenants
 SEP-1 Separation of Title
 SRA-1 Right of Entry Orders Under the Surface Rights Act
 SUB-1 Requirements In Respect of the Subdivision of Land Under the Municipal Government Act
 SUR-1 Surveys - Examination of Plans
 SUR-2 Surveys - Examination of Subdivision Plans
 SUR-2.1 Surveys - Examination of Strata Space Plans
 SUR-2.2 Surveys - Examination of Consolidation Plan and Plan of an Existing Parcel
 SUR-3 Surveys - Examination of Descriptive Plans
 SUR-4 Surveys - Examination of Condominium Plans
 SUR-5 Surveys - Examination of Road Plans and Other Public Works Plans
 SUR-6 Surveys - Examination of Right of Way Plans, Related Site Plans and Miscellaneous Plans 
 SUR-7 Surveys - Examination of Plans Prepared Pursuant to Statutes Other than the Land Titles Act
 SUR-8 Surveys - Plan Corrections
 SUR-9 Surveys - Plan Cancellation By-law
 SUR-10 Surveys - Removal or Change of Reserve Designation
 SUR-11 Surveys - Road Closures
 SUR-12 Surveys - Natural Boundary Changes
 TAX-1 Tax Recovery - Tax Arrears Lists and Tax Notices
 TAX-2 Tax Recovery - Discharge of Tax Recovery Notification
 TAX-3 Tax Recovery - Municipal Acquisition
 TAX-4 Tax Recovery - Notification of Sale
 TAX-5 Tax Recovery - Redemption and Revival
 TAX-6 Tax Recovery - Ministerial Order Changing Municipality
 TEN-1 Deceased Joint Tenant - Transfer of Interest
 TEN-2 Alteration or Clarification of Co-ownership Arrangements-Tenancies in Common
 TRA-1 Transmission on Death
 TRF-1 Transfers
 UNC-1 Unclaimed Personal Property and Vested Property Act 
 UNI-1 Unit Agreement
 URW-1 Utility Rights of Way
 WCB-1 Certified Statements by Workers’ Compensation Board
 WRC-1 Certificates Under the Water Resources Act
 WRE-1 Writs of Enforcement/Creditor’s Statement/Name Search
 APPENDIX I Tariff of Fees Regulation
 APPENDIX II Forms Regulation
 APPENDIX III Name Search Regulation
 APPENDIX IV Commonly Used Forms
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