Registration of Marriages

You will receive a Registration of Marriage form from the registry agent at the same time you receive your marriage licence. Once complete, the Registration of Marriage form becomes a permanent legal record of your marriage. The information recorded on the Registration of Marriage is also used to produce marriage certificates.

You must give both the licence and the registration to the person who is performing your wedding prior to the ceremony. This shows them that you have met all the legal requirements in Alberta, and they can now perform the marriage for you.

The couple getting married, two witnesses and the person who performs the wedding ceremony will all be required to sign the Registration of Marriage during the ceremony. The person performing the ceremony keeps the Marriage Licence for their records and files, or registers, the Registration of Marriage with the Alberta Vital Statistics office within two days of the ceremony.

Once a marriage is registered with Vital Statistics, corrections or amendments can only be made with appropriate documentation and statutory declarations. If an amendment is requested within 90 days from the date of marriage there is no fee. Fees may be applicable on amendments requested after the 90 days.