Registering a Vehicle or Trailer

First Time Registration,Transferring Registration
Renewing Your Registration            
Lost/Stolen Plates or Tabs (Year Stickers)
Cancelling a Registration

First Time Registration, Transferring Registration

To register all new or used vehicles and trailers or to obtain an inspection request, the following is required:

  • Proof of ownership, such as an original signed bill of sale or a copy of a lease agreement
  • Proof of valid Alberta insurance 'pink card', (not required when registering a trailer)
  • Acceptable Identification
  • New vehicles require the original new vehicle information statement (NVIS) which the dealer must provide
  • Vehicles imported into Canada require a Vehicle Import Form obtained from Transport Canada, please see the Registrar of Imported Vehicles website (external site) for more information
  • *An inspection certificate from Alberta Transportation is required for all first time Alberta registrations of used vehicles (and used vehicles returning to Alberta that were last registered in another jurisdiction)
  • The vehicle must be physically in Alberta
  • Letter of authorization if someone is acting on your behalf
  •  *NEW West Partnership Program

    In an effort to reduce barriers to trade and labour mobility Alberta has partnered with British Columbia and Saskatchewan and formed an alliance known as the New West Partnership. As a result, inspection requirements have been relaxed for residents moving between New West Partnership jurisdictions, a vehicle may be exempt from an Out of Province Vehicle Inspection. Please see Alberta Transportation's website for more information.

    Note: Please see the FAQ section for information regarding registration by non-Alberta Residents

    If you currently have valid Alberta licence plates in your name, you may transfer them to the new vehicle.

    For more information regarding operating authority, passenger hazard insurance, safety fitness certificates, over dimensional or over weight permits and other exemption certificates, see the Alberta Transportation website.

    Drivers who transport goods through more than one jurisdiction and who are interested in registering in the Prorate Program may call the Prorate office at 403-297-2920 for more information.

    Farmers wishing to register their vehicles in the farm category must also meet Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development criteria. To obtain more information, call 1-800-232-7387. If calling from within the Edmonton area, you may dial 780-422-9167. For basic registration and plate costs, see the Registry Agent Product Catalogue (pdf).

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    Renewing Your Registration


    Alberta Registries typically sends out a vehicle registration renewal notice approximately 4-6 weeks prior to the expiry of the vehicle registration. This renewal notice is just a courtesy reminder and is NOT required to renew your vehicle(s) when appearing in person at a registry agent. If you have not received your renewal notice in the mail or you are renewing your registration early, simply take your existing registration certificate in lieu of the renewal notice; the vehicle information required is all on there. Please see the "In Person Renewals" section below for additional information and/or requirements.

    All types of vehicle renewals can be processed at any registry agent office. If you do not have your renewal form, you may present your previous registration documents, plate number or proof of ownership, valid Alberta insurance and acceptable identification. Please note that the following types of vehicle registrations must be renewed in person at a registry agent office;

  • Commercial vehicles
  • Off-highway vehicles
  • Registrations that indicate outdated information on the renewal notice
  • Registrations to clients that have outstanding fines or some type of restricted service
  • Online

  • Please refer to the Online Services Section for more information.

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    Lost/Stolen Plate or Tabs (Year Stickers)

  • If you wish to declare your licence plate lost or stolen and require no replacement, you should report the loss to the police and visit a registry agent office to fill out a licence plate declaration form.

    To replace your lost or stolen plate, year sticker or registration, you will be required to provide your operator’s (drivers) licence or two pieces of identification as well provide your licence plate number to a Registry Agent and pay the required fee.

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    Canceling a Registration

    To cancel your licence plates and registration, you must visit a registry agent office. You will be required to surrender your registration and plates as well as provide identification verifying that you are the registrant. Any remaining credit will be refunded by mail after administrative fees have been deducted.

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