Vehicle Licence Plate and Registration

Requesting Vehicle Services on Behalf of Someone Else

There are a number of vehicle services that can be requested by an authorized representative on behalf of the vehicle owner(s).  In order to request services on behalf of someone else, the authorized representative must provide the original, fully completed and signed Authorization for Vehicle Registration form signed by the vehicle owner(s) to the Alberta Registry Agent at the time services are requested. Alternatively, if the authorized representative cannot provide the original signed form, the owner(s) may fax the signed authorization form directly to the registry agent. A fax or photocopy of the authorization form will not be accepted from the authorized representative. The eligible services include;

  • Transfer licence plate
  • Issue new licence plate
  • Renew registration
  • Cancel registration/plate
  • Issue duplicate registration
  • Apply/exchange/cancel/renew disabled parking placard
  • Replace licence plate expiry tab
  • Exchange licence plate
  • Modify registration/plate ownership
  • How to Complete the Authorization for Vehicle Registration Form

    PART 1 - OWNER/LESSEE INFORMATION must contain the name and drivers licence numbers of all current owner(s) and the full name of the person they are authorizing to request the service on their behalf (the authorized representative).

    PART 2 - VEHICLE INFORMATION must contain the current licence plate number, make, model, year and full 17 digit vehicle identification number (VIN) of the vehicle.

    PART 3 - SERVICE TYPE REQUEST  is where the owner(s) identify the type of service that they are authorizing the authorized representative to request on their behalf.

    PART 4 - REGISTRATION PARTICULARS is only completed for special registration requests when the registrant(s) are not going to be shown exactly as the owners on the bill of sale. Some examples may include;

  • parents may own a vehicle but want to allow the vehicle to be registered and used by their teenager
  • a vehicle is owned by 2 or more people, but they want the vehicle registered in only 1 of the names
  • a vehicle is owned by a wife and she wants to add her husband as a registrant
  • Select the first checkbox if: the vehicle registrants are to be the same as the owners shown on the bill of sale. The first check box "Register vehicle(s) in my/our name(s) only as shown on proof of ownership" is selected and the remainder of part 4 is left blank.
    Select the second checkbox if: adding a registrant to the registration that is not shown on the bill of sale. The second check box "Register the vehicle(s) in Joint names (provide details below)" is selected and the full name, drivers licence number, signature and date of signing for the person being added is completed.
    Select the third checkbox if: the vehicle registration is to be in the name of a person(s) that are not shown on the bill of sale. The third checkbox "Register the vehicle in the name(s) shown below" is selected and the full name, drivers licence number, signature and date of signing for the person(s) to be shown as the registrant(s) is completed.
    the vehicle registration is to be in the name of only some of the owners that are shown on the bill of sale. The third checkbox "Register the vehicle in the name(s) shown below" is selected and the full name and drivers licence number for the person(s) to be shown as the registrant(s) is completed. This person(s) must sign and date the document in the signatures area already, so signing and dating in this area for this type of scenario is not required.

    PART 5 - OWNER/LESSEE SIGNATURES must be signed and dated by ALL of the owners of the vehicle as identified in Part 1 of the form. This form is not a proof of ownership form, it only identifies what services may be requested on an owners behalf and who is authorized to request it. If there are more owners signatures required that cannot be accomodated on the front of the form, they may use the back of the form as additional space.


    Residency Requirements for Registration

    On July 17, 2006, residency requirements changed for vehicle registrations in Alberta.

    If you are a new resident of Alberta, you must register your vehicle(s) and obtain an Alberta driver’s licence within 90 days of moving to the province, even if you travel outside Alberta during those 90 days.

    If you are temporarily working in Alberta but are a legal resident of a jurisdiction outside Alberta, you may continue to use the valid registration and plates from your home jurisdiction up to a maximum of 183 days in a calendar year (January through December). However, you must obtain an Alberta registration if your vehicle has been in Alberta over the 183 day limit. You must also have valid insurance on the vehicle.

    If you are visiting Alberta, you may use your valid registration and plates (with valid insurance) from your home jurisdiction, provided you do not take up residency in Alberta. However, if you do take up Alberta residency, you must obtain Alberta registration and plates within 90 days.

    If you are staying in Alberta as a full time student and attending an accredited institution or you are working here as part of a co-op program of study, you may use your valid registration and licence plates from your home jurisdiction. You must also have valid insurance on the vehicle and the registration must contain your name (either exclusively or jointly with another individual(s)). You should also carry proof (letter) from the accredited institution verifying your full time student status for presentation to a law enforcement officer should it be required.

     The above rules apply to private (non-commercial) vehicles only.


    Insurance Requirements for Vehicle Registration

    To register a vehicle in Alberta, you MUST present a valid financial responsibility card (pink card) issued from your insurance company. The insurance company must be licenced to sell insurance in Alberta and all registered owners to be endorsed on the certificate of registration must also appear on the insurance certificate.


    Vehicle Registration Terms

    Vehicle registration is normally for a maximum term of 1 year and a minimum term of three months. The exception is passenger vehicles. These can be registered for a 1 or 2 year term and the same minimum 3 month term.