Identification Card

An Alberta photo identification card (ID card) is available to Alberta residents who do not or cannot hold a valid Alberta operator's licence. The ID card is clearly marked for identification purposes only and does not entitle the person to operate a motor vehicle under any circumstances.

To obtain an ID card, you must apply at any of our registry agent offices. You must also provide acceptable identification to verify your identity and documents to prove Alberta residency.  The only exemption to Alberta residency is for students that are residents of another jurisdiction but attending an Alberta accredited institution full-time. These individuals may request an ID card and must present a letter from the institution verifying full-time student status.

The minimum age to obtain an ID card is 12 years old. Applicants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to provide consent. The ID card is issued for a 5-year term.

For fee information, please refer to the Registry Agent Product Catalogue (pdf).