Landlord and tenant disputes

Forms and Tip Sheets

Applications, Forms and Notices

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Landlord's Application for Termination of Tenancy and Unpaid Rent (PDF, 5 pages)

  • used by Landlords when their tenant is still residing in the rental premises

Landlord's Application for Damages (PDF, 6 pages)

  • used by Landlords when their tenant no longer resides in the rental premises

Tenant's Application (PDF, 4 pages)

  • used by Tenants


Affidavit of Service by Landlord (PDF, 3 pages)

Affidavit of Service by Tenant (PDF, 2 pages)

Affidavit in Support of Substitutional Service (PDF, 1 page)

Affidavit in Support of Abridgement of Service (PDF, 1 page)

Affidavit in Support of a Notice to Attend (PDF, 1 page)


Transcript Request Form (PDF, 2 pages)

RTDRS Fee Waiver Form (PDF, 2 pages)

RTDRS Request Form (PDF, 3 pages)

Defence Evidence Form (PDF, 2 pages)


Notice of Default (PDF, 1 page)

Notice of Withdrawal (PDF, 1 page)

  • completed by the applicant if they wish to cancel their application

Tip Sheets

RTDRS Procedure Summary (PDF, 1 page)

Evidence (PDF, 2 pages)

Document Service (PDF, 2 pages)

Counter-Applications (PDF, 1 page)

Hearing Procedure Chart (PDF, 1 page)

Fax Filing (PDF, 1 page)

If you have been served with an RTDRS Application (PDF, 2 pages)

RTDRS Telephone Hearings (PDF, 1 page)

Hearing Location Chart (PDF, 1 page)

After the Order Chart (PDF, 1 page)


What’s important to know

Applicants no longer have to attach a copy of the Application Package to Affidavits of Service. See the new application instructions for details.