Corporate and Business Name Reports (NUANS)

Corporate and Business Name Reports (NUANS)

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What is a NUANS report?

A NUANS (Newly Upgraded Automated Name Search) search is a comprehensive search that compares a proposed Alberta or extra-provincial corporation name or a proposed non-profit name to a database of Alberta and federal corporation names.

  • The person who ordered the report uses it to decide whether they should proceed with their proposed name for an Alberta or extra-provincial corporation. 
  • In the case of a non-profit organization, Corporate Registry will examine the report to decide whether or not the proposed name can be used in Alberta.
  •  In most cases, a NUANS report is required for incorporation, amalgamation, name change, or revival of an Alberta corporation or non-profit organization and for registration, amalgamation, name change, and reinstatement of an extra-provincial corporation. 
    • The following situations do not require a NUANS report:
      • When the proposed name is a 'number name' for an Alberta or extra-provincial corporation.
      • When the proposed name is for a federal (Canada) corporation that is extra-provincially registering in Alberta.
      • When the proposed name is for an Alberta corporation that is reviving within three years of it dissolution.
  • The NUANS report reserves the proposed name for 90 days.   The complete report, whether an original or fax copy, must be submitted with the incorporation/registration details and must be less than 91 days old.
  • Another type of report, the Business Name Report, focuses on Alberta partnership and trade names (business names) and does not reserve the proposed business name.  Corporate Registry recommends this report be purchased and reviewed prior to registration of a business name.

How can I get a NUANS report?

  • In Alberta, NUANS and Business Name Reports are purchased through an authorized NUANS search house (external site). Search houses are also listed under the heading 'Searchers of Records' in the yellow pages of the Edmonton and Calgary telephone directories.