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Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

Security features similar to those used in the production of passports, currency and postage stamps ensure your Alberta driver’s licence is truly an original – as well as an effective deterrent in the fight against identity fraud.

Centralized Production Facility

Alberta driver’s licences are produced at a central, high-security facility operated by the Canadian Bank Note Company. For more than 100 years, the most secure Canadian documents including currency, passports, traveler’s cheques and postage stamps have been produced by this Ottawa-based firm.

Albertans will still enjoy the convenience of renewing their driver’s licences at the registry agent of their choice (when their current licence expires).

Tamperproof Card

Your new licence is a polycarbonate card engraved with your personal information and photograph. Laser engraving embeds your information in the card so it cannot be removed or altered without damaging it – making it useless as identification.

Facial Comparison Software

Facial comparison software is used to further enhance your protection against identity crime. This technology analyses facial characteristics that do not change (such as size and location of cheekbones or distance between your eyes).

Database for Verification

Your photograph will continue to be stored securely on Alberta’s motor vehicle database. This allows registry agents to compare the person standing in front of them with the person in the photo on the database. This ensures that your licence is not issued to someone pretending to be you.

Drivers Licence Features Guides

Please click the buttons below to view feature guides highlighting many of the security features found on the current 2009 drivers licence design and the previous 2003 drivers licence design.

Current 2009 Design

Previous 2003 Design 
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