Office of the Corporate Chief Information Officer


Together, these governance bodies provide central direction and oversight on information management and technology (IMT) practices and policies across the Government of Alberta. The work enables transformation and drives outcomes that ensure information management and technology is secure and efficient, and that risks are identified and managed, with preparations in place to manage emergencies.

Deputy Minister’s Corporate Services Innovation Committee

Purpose of the Committee:

  • The Deputy Minister's Corporate Services Innovation (DM CSI) committee provides central direction and oversight on corporate service delivery innovation across the Government of Alberta.
  • DM CSI serves as an advisory body to the Deputy Ministers' Council on corporate policies related to corporate service delivery innovation, including information management and technology, enterprise resource planning, finance and human resource governance bodies. The committee leads the transformation and championing of innovation in the Alberta Public Service. 


  • DM, Service Alberta (Chair)
  • DM, Public Service Commission
  • DM, Advanced Education
  • DM, Economic Development and Trade
  • DM, Education
  • DM, Environment and Parks
  • DM, Health
  • DM, Children's Services
  • DM, Community and Social Services
  • DM, Justice and Solicitor General
  • DM, Infrastructure
  • DM, Treasury Board and Finance
  • DM, Deputy Secretary to Cabinet
  • DM, Communications and Public Engagement

Assistant Deputy Minister’s Information Management and Technology Committee

Purpose of the Committee:

  • To serve as a cross government oversight body for the review and recommendations concerning GoA information resources and technology.
  • The Assistant Deputy Minister Information Management and Technology Committee (ADM IMT) receives and provides input on strategies and policies, offers guidance and direction to ministries and working groups, and provides recommendations to the Deputy Minister Information Management and Technology (DM IMT) Committee. This structure enables a strategic, government-wide approach to the evolution of IM and IT to best support our business requirements which in turn supports the needs of Albertans. Oversight encompasses all aspects of IM and IT, including FOIP, IMT Policy, Information Security, Corporate Architecture, IT Investment Management, Open Government, Shared Network Services, IT Infrastructure Services, as well as information activities that are mandated across the GoA. 

Assistant Deputy Minister’s Enterprise Resource Planning Governance Committee

Purpose of the Committee:

  • Providing recommendations to DM CSI IC/DM Corporate Services for strategic level Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) decisions, as well as periodic status updates and escalations concerning significant, enterprise level issues or risks.
  • Providing the overall policy and strategic direction for the enhancement and implementation of the GOA ERP Strategy. This includes providing thought leadership on ERP approach for the GOA.
  • Guiding the continued establishment of the GoA ERP system including the infrastructure needed to build and support it.
  • Governing the ongoing operation and maintenance of the GOA’s ERP environment as ERP Transformation activities are completed.
  • Championing a ‘one government’ approach through linkages to other transformation initiatives and leveraging the ERP to work in common ways and standardize business processes. 

Information Management and Technology Integration Committee

Purpose of the Committee:

  • The Information Management and Technology Integration Committee (IMT IC), through Assistant Deputy Minister IMT Committee (ADM IMT) ensures the coordination and alignment of IMT across the sectors (including the Enterprise sector), and provides direction and oversight to all sectors.


  • Corporate Chief Information Officer (CCIO), Chair – Mark Brisson
  • Sector CIO, Workforce Development – Stacey Reynhoudt
  • Sector CIO, Economy and Growth – Geoffrey Wacowich
  • Sector CIO, Environment and Resources – Susan Wilson-Ferguson
  • Sector CIO, Government Services – Stacy Shenfield
  • Sector CIO, Community Services and Safety – Sheri Binges
  • Sector CIO, People, Families and Communities – Sabina Posadziejewski
  • ADM, Enterprise Sector (TBD)

Sector Information Management and Technology Councils


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