Licence plates

How it works

A licence plate must be displayed on your vehicle at all times.

In addition to holding a valid registration certificate, you must also display a valid licence plate.

The plate must be located in one of these places:

  • if the vehicle is a tractor-trailer, to the front of the vehicle
  • if the vehicle is a motorcycle, to the back mudguard or back fender so that it can be seen easily
  • on the back of the vehicle for all other types of vehicles

You’ll also get a validation sticker with your vehicle registration. It must be stuck on the plate in the right area. The back of the sheet with the sticker on it will show you where it must go.

What’s important to know

You can’t display more than one licence plate on your vehicle or any other type of plate that could be mistaken for a valid licence plate.

Some vehicles don’t have to have a licence plate or registration. For more details, see the Registration and Renewals/Non-eligible vehicles page.

Transferring a licence plate to a new vehicle

If you already have a valid licence plate and registration and want to use it on a new vehicle, you can request it to be transferred. For more details, see the Registration and Renewals/Transfer a registration.

Lost, stolen and damaged licence plates

If your licence plate is lost or stolen, please report it to the police. You may then visit a registry agent and declare the plate lost/stolen and have the status updated in the system. You may also apply for a replacement licence plate if required.

If your licence plate becomes difficult to read due to wear or damage, it could result in a fine. You must apply for a replacement licence plate through a registry agent.

Temporary licence plates

Alberta does not have a temporary licence plate. We can issue you a special permit called an in-transit permit.

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