Commissioner's Role

Alberta’s Information and Privacy Commissioner is an independent officer of the Legislature who works independently of government to protect the information access and privacy rights of all Albertans. The OIPC is the regulator responsible for ensuring compliance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act, Health Information Act and Personal Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

The FOIP Act establishes the role and responsibilities of the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner (OIPC). For the FOIP Act, the OIPC may:

  • Provide independent review and resolution of requests for review of public body responses to access to information requests and complaints related to the collection, use, disclosure or retention of personal information.
  • Investigate any matters relating to the application of the Act, whether requested or not.
  • Conduct inquiries and issue orders.
  • Educate the public about access and privacy issues, the Act, and their rights under the Act.
  • Receive comments from the public concerning the administration of the Act.
  • Engage in or commission research into matters affecting the achievement of the Act’s purposes.
  • Comment on legislative programs or policies that have implications for access and privacy.
  • Review and accept Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs)
  • Comment on the privacy and security implications of using or disclosing personal information.
  • Give advice and recommendations of general application to heads of public bodies respecting the rights or obligations of public bodies under the Act.
  • Authorize the collection of personal information from sources other than the individual the information is about.

If you have questions or complaints about how a public body has responded to your request for information, or how a public body has collected, used or disclosed your personal information, first contact the public body’s FOIP Office.

If you would like an independent review of a decision made by the public body, you can request a review or make a complaint to the OIPC.