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How it works

The Utilities Consumer Advocate provides information and support to consumers regarding electricity and natural gas for their homes and businesses.

The Utilities Consumer Advocate (UCA) team represents the interests of electricity and natural gas consumers (residential, small business, farm) in Alberta.

Education –  The UCA’s team of knowledgeable mediation and information officers are available to provide advice and information to help consumers make an informed choice about how to purchase electricity and natural gas based on their individual circumstances.

Mediation –  When consumers have exhausted known avenues of issue resolution, the UCA will investigate and attempt to resolve their concerns through mediation with utility companies.

Representation –  Alberta consumers are represented by the UCA in regulatory hearings before the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC).  Regulated utilities must apply to the AUC for approval of the rates they charge to consumers. The UCA’s primary goal in regulatory hearings is that consumers receive their utility service at the lowest possible cost, consistent with reasonable levels of service.

To learn more about the UCA and how they can help you, please visit the Utilities Consumer Advocate or call at 310-4UCA (4822).

What’s important to know

You can "comparison-shop" for electricity and natural gas services by using the Utilities Consumer Advocate's online Cost Comparison Tool. It only take a few seconds to compare rates and retailer products.  Click here to access the tool.