Temporary marriage commissioner


Find out if you're eligible to be a temporary marriage commissioner.

There are 2 categories of temporary marriage commissioners: Accredited and General Public


To be appointed as an accredited temporary marriage commissioner, you must be:

  • an adult and permanent resident of Canada
  • one of the following:
    • Canadian MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly - includes active or former)  
    • Canadian MP (Member of Parliament – includes active or former)
    • Canadian Senator (includes active or former member)  
    • Judge (includes active or former)
    • Justice of the Peace 
    • Lawyer
    • Mayor or Reeve
    • Municipal Councillor
    • An elected leader of: 
      • A First Nation community (e.g., Chief, Councillor of a “Band” as defined in the Indian Act, Canada); or 
      • A Metis Settlement (e.g., Settlement Chair or Councillor as defined in the Metis Settlements Act, Alberta; or 
      • The Metis Settlement General Council (e.g., President, Vice President) as incorporated by the Metis Settlements Act, Alberta 
    • Active or formerly active permanent (or permanent equivalent) Marriage Commissioner* for a Canadian jurisdiction (proof of appointment must be attached)
    • Former permanent Alberta Marriage Commissioner* (in good standing)

Proof of designation, appointment, occupation, etc., may be required 

* Someone who is/was registered with a religious organization as a clergy/religious representative is not a marriage commissioner.

General public

If you don’t fall into one of the accredited categories, you may be eligible to apply as follows.  

You must:

  • be an adult and permanent resident of Alberta
  • clearly show there is no current permanent marriage commissioner available who can perform the marriage
    • All permanent marriage commissioners in the community where the marriage is to take place, as well as surrounding communities, must be contacted to see if they are available to perform the wedding.
    • Permanent marriage commissioners will be contacted by Vital Statistics in all instances to verify their availability.

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780-427-7013 (toll-free in Alberta)

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