Forms - Trade Names & Partnerships (Business Names)

Use one or more of the following to collect information about your trade name or partnership so that you can present it to an authorized Corporate Registry service provider for registration.

Trade Name or Partnership Registration

  • Declaration of Trade Name (pdf)
  • Declaration of Partnership (pdf)

    Trade Name or Partnership Update

  • Declaration of Address Change - Trade Name (pdf)
  • Amendment to Declaration of Partnership/Address Change (pdf)

    Trade Name or Partnership Dissolution

  • Declaration of Ceasing to Carry On Business Under a Trade Name (pdf)
  • Declaration of Dissolution of Partnership (pdf)

    Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)/Extra-Provincial LLP Registration/Update/Dissolution

    The following information must be provided for registration or update:

  • The name of the LLP
  • Endorsement of the governing body of the profession (eg. law, chartered accounting)
  • Name and address of one or two representative partners (individuals or professional corporations) in Alberta
  • Registered address and, if present, the mailing address within Alberta
  • Extra-provincial LLPs must also provide verification of active registration in their home jurisdiction. 
  • The annual report (pdf) is due each year upon the anniversary of registration
  • Changes to the representative partners and registered address must also be s.ubmitted as they occur.
  • Requests for cancellation of the LLP must be submitted when the business no longer qualifies for LLP registration or when the business has been wound up. 

    Limited Partnership (LP)/Extra-Provincial LP Registration/Update/Dissolution

    The following information must be provided for registration:

  • The name of the LP
  • Name and address of one at least one general partner and one limited partner
  • Certificate of limited partnership
  • Extra-provincial LPs must also provide proof of active registration in their home jurisdiction and copies of all registration documents.
  • Changes to the limited partnership agreement, general partner, or limited partner must also be submitted as they occur.
  • In order to cancel a limited partnership, all limited partners and general partners must sign and submit a cancellation notice.

    NPWTA Extra-Provincial Registration in British Columbia and/or Saskatchewan

  • Corporations
  • Limited liability partnerships
  • Limited partnerships