Making an Amendment to a Registration

What is an amendment to a registration?

The original registration which is usually completed at the time of the event (birth, marriage, death, stillbirth) is the legal document filed permanently with Vital Statistics. When the registration contains errors or incomplete/missing information, an amendment may be requested to correct the registration. When an amendment is requested to an Alberta vital event, specific procedures must be followed. Only vital events that took place in Alberta may be amended by Alberta Vital Statistics. If the event did not occur in Alberta, contact the jurisdiction where the event occurred to request an amendment.

How do I request an amendment to a registration?

You can request an amendment to a registration either through a Registry Agent or directly through Vital Statistics.

Registry Agent

You can request the amendment through the registry agent network should you notice an error on the registration at the time you are ordering a certificate (birth, marriage, death, stillbirth). The information for the amendment is then passed onto Vital Statistics for processing.

Vital Statistics

You may also request the amendment by completing the Amendment Request Form and sending this directly to Vital Statistics

What will Vital Statistics need to process the amendment?

Once Vital Statistics has received your request for an amendment, they will review the original registration and send you correspondence which includes detailed instructions on how to proceed, the specific documentation that you may be required to submit and any other requirements needed in order to proceed with the amendment. If all the necessary information is not provided initially, Vital Statistics will be in contact with you.

The following is a list of the three basic requirements needed to complete an amendment to a registration:

  1. Proof to Support the Requested Correction

    The type of proof/evidence that is required by Vital Statistics depends on the type of correction being requested and the type of event that is being amended. Vital Statistics will work closely with you to provide the exact documentation and details of the evidence that you will be required to submit.

  2. Completion of an Affidavit

    Vital Statistics will partially prepare an affidavit based on the information you provided.  The affidavit must be completed by you and reviewed and signed in the presence of a Commissioner for Oaths or a Notary Public.

  3. Fees
    There is a $20.00 amendment fee when correcting / amending a registration unless the request for an amendment is made within 90 days from the date of the event.

Note: The process and requirements explained above are often unacceptable when a request is made to change a last name. It is advisable to contact the Vital Statistics office with your specific situation, as circumstances vary.