Identification Requirements

Identification Requirements

To obtain a Vital Statistics document, you must provide identification:

  • in person when applying at a registry agent office; or
  • by statutory declaration (similar to a statement made under oath) when applying through Registry Connect.

Identification Requirements 

The identification document you provide:

  • must be an original document - no photocopies or faxes; 
  • must have been issued by one of the following:
    • Provincial or territorial government of Canada (e.g., Government of Alberta, etc.);
    • Government of Canada; or
    • other state or federal government (e.g., Government of California, Government of the United States, Government of Australia);
  • must contain all the following:
    • your photo;
    • your first and last name; and
    • a distinct identification number.

The identification document you provide

  • must be valid (not expired) at the time it is provided, or
  • must have been issued within the last 5 years when the identification document does not have an expiry date.

Examples of Possible Acceptable Identification

The identification you provide must meet all the requirements listed above. Examples include:

  • Motor Vehicle Driver's Licence 
  • Alberta Provincial Identification Card 
  • Valid Passport
  • Canadian Citizenship Certificate Card
  • Permanent Residency Card 
  • Government of Alberta Employee ID for Child and Family Service Authority Card
  • Treaty Status Card 
  • Canadian Immigration Visa
  • Canadian Forces Identification Card
  • Correctional Service Canada Card
  • Corrections Officer Identification Card
  • Fire Arms Card
  • Health Care Card with Photo (not available in Alberta)
  • Liquor Identification Card (not available in Alberta)
  • Age of Majority Card (not available in Alberta)  

No Identification

  • If you do not have acceptable identification, someone you have known for at least one year (called a designated agent) can apply for the Vital Statistics documents on your behalf.
  • Your designated agent must provide his/her own identification.
  • A designated agent cannot be used when applying for an Alberta marriage licence.

Identification by Statutory Declaration

If you are ordering a document through Registry Connect, you must provide your identification through a statutory declaration.

  1. Complete the Statutory Declaration for Proof of Identity; it is part of the Application for Certificate/Documents (DVS 3317) (pdf).
  2. Take your government issued identification to a Commissioner for Oaths or Notary Public to complete the Statutory Declaration for Proof of Identity.
  3. Mail or courier the original application and Statutory Declaration for Proof of Identity to the address on the form. 


  • Your identification must meet all the requirements listed above.
  • The application form and statutory declaration cannot be a fax or photocopy.
  • Do not attach a copy of your identification to the application.

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