Cemetery Pre-Need Contract Salesperson Licence For Monument Businesses

How it works


A Cemetery Pre-Need Contract Salesperson Licence authorizes a person to solicit to enter or enter into pre-need contracts as an agent for a business who holds a pre-need contract sales licence.

Licensing Requirements

To get a licence for a Cemetery Pre-Need Contract Salesperson, you must provide the following:

  • Completed application (pdf) for a Cemetery Pre-Need Contract Salesperson Licence

  • A licensing fee of $50 (Note: Your cheque should be made payable to the Government of Alberta.  If you are applying in person, you can also pay this fee using Debit, Visa, MasterCard or cash.  This fee is for a one-year licence from April 1 to March 31 the following year.  If you are applying after October 1, the licensing fee is $25.  It is the business’s responsibility to ensure your licence is in force as long as you continue to do business as defined for this type of licence. Once your licence is issued the business should make note of the expiry date and ensure your licence is renewed prior to this date.  Licence holders must notify Service Alberta in writing if the address on their business licence changes.)


Cemeteries Act

General Regulation

Commercial Cemeteries Regulation

Copies of legislation can be obtained from the Queen’s Printer Bookstore at:

Park Plaza, 5 floor
10611-98 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta   T5K 2P7
Telephone: 780-427-4952

To call a Government of Alberta office toll free (in Alberta), dial 310-0000 and follow the instructions.

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