Protect Your Identity Away From Home

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Don't Post Holiday Plans!

Don’t post holiday plans, activities status or holiday photos on your social media page while away because this may lead a criminal to your home.

Luggage Tags

Use covered luggage tags to keep your information away from prying eyes.

Using GPS

Phone applications using GPS can send promotional material to your phone. The applications can be enhanced to collect, use and share your personal information without your knowledge. Turn this feature OFF on your phone.

Using Geo-Tags

Geo-tags give the latitude and longitude of where your photo was taken. Turn this feature off on your phone or digital camera.

Shield Your Pin And Passwords

  • Shoulder surfing is an easy way for thieves to get your personal information.

  • Be sure to use ATMs located inside a bank for further protection.

Credit Cards

Use credit cards while traveling – they offer additional protection against criminal activity.  Keep an eye on your card to avoid cloning and watch for the use of a skimmer.


  • Use your own laptop/tablet in public places.

  • Delete your computer’s temporary Internet files, cookies and history often.

Protect Your Passport

Keep your passport, wallet and personal papers in a travel pouch under your clothes and not in a backpack.

Lock Up Your Valuables

Lock your valuables, including your laptop, in a secure place or keep them with you.


Add passwords to each of your electronic devices.